Spend a week at Bastyr University studying strategies designed to improve PD outcomes.

  • Data driven: Strategies will be biologically plausible and supported by the published, peer-reviewed literature.
  • Translational: Moving from the lab to Patients with Parkinson's (PwP).
  • Experiential: Opportunities for hiking, boxing, tai chi, yoga, strength, balance , meditation, Hooverball, cycling, etc.
  • Pragmatic: Immediately relevant to PwP. Participants will go home with real-world solutions.
  • Patient-centered: Recommendations catered to your priorities/symptoms/situation.
  • Integrative: We’ll send a copy of our suggestions to your physicians detailing the strategies along with explanations.


After a very successful and well-received session this summer, we are pleased to announce The PD School dates for 2018:

  • PD Summer School Session 2: August 12-16, 2018

  • PD Summer School Session 3: August 19-23, 2018

PD Scale.jpg

Our goal is to get you into the red circled area.

Cost for the program includes

  • Personalized Labs. Click here for the list of lab work to be done prior to the session.
  • 20 hours of classroom education. Click here for schedule details.
  • Daily meals at Bastyr's famous Dining Commons which has been recognized with awards by The Seattle Times and Evergreen Monthly. 
  • Nightly movies
  • Nutrition and cooking classes in the Bastyr Nutrition Kitchen
  • Activities for Partners: Education, Cooking Classes, and Counseling

*All activities and courses are optional.


PD School located at Bastyr University; Bastyr University is a 51-acre campus sitting amidst the beauty of Saint Edward State Park. Bastyr educates future leaders in the natural health arts and sciences. Respecting the healing power of nature and recognizing that body, mind and spirit and intrinsically inseparable, we model an integrated approach to education, research and clinical service. Please visit our website for more information: www.bastyr.edu.


Registration information for these sessions will be available soon, but if you would like to be put on the list to receive session announcements or have any questions, please contact:

  • Jessica Stallings at 425.602.3283
  • Julie Herbison at 425.602.3053
  • Or email commedu@bastyr.edu.